Sadly, the solution to the current question isn't any - Are all piano movers equally insured?
There are three varieties of insurance to contemplate once hiring a piano mover: 
1. Commercial/automotive insurance: is that the company insured against harm to property and or vehicles? 
2. Cartage/content insurance: is that the company insured against harm to the piano? 
3. Workman's Safety Insurance: is that the company insuring its staff against injury? 
Some piano moving firms are insured for one or two of those varieties of insurance, however not all three. it's the buyer's responsibility to form certain that he/she is correctly insured, not the mover. it's a decent plan to raise concerning these three varieties of insurance once you are phoning piano moving firms, and additionally to raise what quantity of insurance your piano are going to be coated for. A properly insured mover ought to offer you with a Bill of consignment, that may be a document stating what's being rapt, the names of all parties concerned within the move, wherever the piano is being rapt from and to, and also the full declared insured worth of the instrument. The Bill of consignment ought to additionally embrace the moving company's terms of hauling. As a document, a correct bill of consignment helps to confirm that the piano mover can repair any harms that were incurred throughout the move (unless a damage relinquishment was signed). it's additionally vital to notice that any harm caused to your piano or your correctty should be noted on the bill of consignment to confirm that you just have proper recourse if any action is required.

Why is employee injury vital to me?

You may be questioning why it's vital that you just make sure that the piano mover you rent has Workman's Safety Insurance. once you contract a mover, they're thought of your worker for the time that they're operating for you. If you rent a mover that's not coated for Workman's Safety Insurance, you're acceptive full liability for any workers WHO are out of action whereas operating for you. Your liability can reach medical bills, lost wages and presumably civil law suits. an organization WHO is roofed for Workman's Safety Insurance can be sure of most of those issues for you. Some firms don't pay their needed insurance premiums and are thus not coated for all injury insurance claims. you'll raise the corporate that you just are hiring to supply you with associate up-to-date workman's safety insurance clearance certificate, so as to confirm that you just are properly coated. To be completely certain that the moving company's coverage is up up to now, you'll be able to contact your native Workman's Compensation or Workman's Safety Insurance board to test on the company's standing.

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